Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 5: Elma to Long Beach, WA

If you're ever in South Bend, be sure to look for
this cafe for beautiful views and excellent coffee!
We've finally made it to the Pacific Coast! The hotel, which wasn't supposed to have internet, does so I wanted to post a few comments and photos from today's ride from Elma to Long Beach, WA. Like all the morning so far, it started out cold and misty. I joined about 6 other rides in taking a "bump up" to Raymond, WA.  It got us over some pretty steep hills, and by the time we arrived the sky had cleared. About 5 miles into the ride the morning got even better when I came across a coffee shop serving espresso. Although there was still another 45 miles to ride, I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a caffeine break. 
In addition to an excellent mocha latte, the cafe had an amazing view of the Willapa Bay Estuary. Twenty-four miles long, the estuary is home to over 70 species of migratory birds, several varieties of salmon--Chum, Coho, and Chinook--and shellfish. While visiting with some local folks I learned that one out of every six oysters eaten in the U.S. is produced in the bay's tidelands. It was amazingly beautiful and the roads along the estuary were relatively flat, well-maintained, and with minimal traffic.  A beautiful sunny, Sunday morning for a bike ride!   
Sign welcoming us to the oyster capital of the world!

Park benches with a view of the estuary looking westward.

After passing through some farmlands, we finally caught sight of the Pacific Ocean. Our night's lodging, the Adrift Hotel, is located right on the beach.  Attached to the hotel was an excellent restaurant where I had a late lunch of fresh oysters.  Not my usual, but I like to eat locally and these were delicious!  A few hours later we were treated to another outstanding dinner with our guide/chef, Patty. Baked salmon with pesto and goat cheese, mashed potatoes, broccoli salad, followed by fresh baked brownies for dessert.  That all of this is prepared out of the back of a travel trailer with 2 burners make it all the more amazing!

Cattle grazing about 5 miles outside of South Bend

My first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean.

A quick mid-morning energy break.

Marsh lands along Highway 101

Baked salmon with pesto and goat cheese, mashed potatoes,
and broccoli salad prepared by Patty, our chef and tour guide.


  1. Hi Angela,
    This is my first chance to catch up on your trip and it looks wonderful. The photographs are breathtaking! Thanks for sharing about your trip. I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate your 50th while advocating for your research/life! Best, Nancy

  2. Angela,

    What an amazing adventure! I've enjoyed reading about journey and look forward to more. I'm in awe of your fortitude. Take care.


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