Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bike Map

A number of people have asked me what route I'm riding from Bellingham, WA to Ventura, CA.  Until just a few days ago, my answer was "I don't know."  Not words to instill confidence in family and friends who think I'm already crazy for having decided to embark on this bicycle adventure.  Fortunately, the good people at WomanTours provided me with a set of maps from the Adventure Cycling Association.  Using these maps and the list of hotels we will be staying at during the tour, I've created this interactive Google map which provides a rough approximation of the route I'll be riding.  

View Larger Map

To be honest, I have little patience for maps and tend to follow my intuition and personal sense of direction.  While this may work fine for most situations, the thought of needlessly riding additional miles because I didn't bother to consult the map has me convinced that I need to learn to read (and fold) a map if I am going to find my way to the hotel and a hot shower at the end of a long day of riding. 


  1. Hi Angela! Wow, I just read about what you're going to do and I become even more in awe of you. Your are a great role model for aspiring Native researchers. May I share your story with RWJF at UNM?


  2. Hi Angela,

    You already know I'm in your fan club. I'm not much of a blog commenter but I have to tell you, I especially enjoy that part in your post where you say "read (and fold)"! The folding part's the challenge... getting accordionated.

    I'll be thinking of you during your ride.

  3. I am getting fat just reading about all the places you are finding and eating at! I am just jealous. Signed, Yummy Yummy


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