Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 1: And so it begins

It's the night before our official day of departure and I’m too exited to sleep.  We need to be up by 6 am to load our gear into the van and have breakfast so that we can depart by 7:30 a.m.  Since its not likely that I will be able to post in the morning, I wanted to provide a brief overview of tomorrow’s route.

Day 1 of my big bicycle adventure will be a long one—72 miles from Bellingham to Port Townsend, WA. During our map meeting we received detailed queue sheets that outline a route that promises to be quite beautiful with only a few minor hills. After leaving Bellingham we will head south, skirting around Bellingham and Samish Bays before crossing onto Fildago Island. At this point we'll be around 37miles into the ride. After cross over "Deception Pass" we will head inland down State Route 20 before a final ferry ride into Port Townsend. The map below shows our route and if I’m not too exhausted at the end of the day, I will try and post photos. 

Before signing off for the night, I want to send a special message of thanks to the many well-wishers who posted on my blog or sent emails and voice messages offering words of encouragement and prayers for a safe journey. I am deeply grateful to the many donors who have contributed to this fundraiser as well as everyone on Hopi who have encouraged me with words of support and inspiration.


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  1. Angela, remember, each day is a new ride and you can do each one! Best wishes for a SAFE and successful ride today and every day. YOU CAN DO IT!!! Have fun and don't pass up anything that you might not see again. Explore. You don't have to ride everyone else's ride, ride your own and see the Pacific coast. It is not a race!!


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