The Hopi Foundation

Hopi Foundation Inc.
P.O. Box 301, Kykotsmovi, Arizona 86039

The Hopi Foundation is a 501-(c) 3 nonprofit organization incorporated in 1987 in the State of Arizona and is located on the Hopi Reservation.  Local Hopi people to promote self-sufficiency, proactive community participation in their own destiny, self-reliance and local self-determination established the Foundation.  The foundation serves a population of 12,000 Hopi across 12 villages on the Hopi Reservation and other Indian tribes and indigenous societies.

Since its inception, the Foundation has initiated innovative approaches to enhance and preserve the Hopi traditional way of life, while at the same time, meeting the challenges of a modern and highly technological era.

The Foundation team with the help of the Hopi communities has developed and implemented several projects.  An educational scholarship fund distributed approximately 12,000 books to primary and high school students on the Hopi and other Indian reservations, sacred objects were retrieved and returned to respective villages, ancient clan houses and piki houses were restored; a Solar Electric Enterprise was established to bring vital electric power to rural homes and village residents; Ecuadorian natives were trained to install photovoltaic systems; a local children’s book authored by local children was published; a Center for the Prevention and Resolution of Violence was established to provide treatment and training programs working with individuals, families and communities in the Southwest to prevent or diminish violence and to reconstruct lives traumatized by violence; the Steven Thayer Scholarship Award for Art; the development of Gentle Rain Designs, a small business producing apparel from recycled plastic pop bottles; provides an international anti-torture award named the Barbara Chester Award; and is the licensee for the first ever Hopi Radio station known as  KUYI, 88.1 FM;  sponsors the Natwani Coalition, a collaboration between multiple Hopi organizations dedicated to the preservation and restoration of traditional Hopi food and farming practices; and Hopi Substance Abuse Prevention Center, created in response to the problems of alcohol and drug addiction and is staffed by recovered substance abuse mentors.

The Foundation established an Endowment Fund for the enduring benefit of our community.  It secures, manages, and allocates donor’s gifts for charitable purposes within the Hopi Nation, working to improve the quality of life for its people and villages.  Through the Hopi Foundation, we are creating a philanthropic vision for Hopi and bringing together people and resources. Guided by a local Hopi board of trustees, the Hopi Foundation supports villages and nonprofit programs and services to benefit local lives and create equal opportunities for all of our citizens in areas such as education, cultural preservation, scholarships, economic development, alternative energy, elderly assistance, healthcare, and the arts.  The Hopi Foundation partnered with the Arizona Community Foundation to manage the Endowment Fund.

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