Hopi Cancer Assistance Fund

·      The Hopi Cancer Assistance Fund (HCAF) was established 2005 to assist tribal member with cancer in obtaining off-reservation treatment services. The HCAF was established as fund of the Hopi Tribe in collaboration with the H.O.P.I. Cancer Support Services Program. The HCAF was established by Hopi cancer survivors' experience and desire to assist others with the travel cost to obtain treatment and specialized medical service off the reservation.
·      Without the availability of a local cancer treatment center, Hopi tribal members must travel off the reservation for services.The weekly travel cost over the duration of 2-3 months can be costly as travel to Flagstaff (200 miles RT), Phoenix (520 miles RT) or Tucson (755 miles RT). The Fund provides financial assistance for gas, meals and/or lodging depending on the person’s needs. 

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  1. Congratulations on your persistence every day! Enjoy each moment. I mailed my contribution to the Hopi Cancer Assistance Fund. You’ll soon be in Newport, OR, my home when I’m not in Flagstaff. If you have the energy, visit the Nye Beach area, the aquarium, and the Bay Front (to see the fishing fleet and NOAA ships). Newport is a beautiful and fun place. Enjoy your ride over the Bay Bridge!


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