Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 2: A long foggy day of riding, but we made it

It was a long hard day of riding, but we made it!  The first day is always the hardest, but after a hot shower and dinner we are all looking forward tomorrow for what will be a much shorter ride, 55 miles. Last night we stayed in the officer's quarters at the old Fort Warden which is now a State Park and Conference Center just outside of Port Townsend. We depart this morning at 7:30 am so before packing my gear and grabbing some coffee and a quick breakfast, I wanted to share a few photos from yesterday's ride with promises for a full update on Friday when we layover in Bremerton, WA.   

The wooden bike path over the inlet as we ride into
View from the back of the ferry as we
head over to Port Townsend

A late lunch at a sunny Port Townsend cafe.
Below is a map of today's 55 mile ride into Bremerton, WA. The route we will be taking is a little different, but this is a close approximation. Along the way we cross the Hood Canal bridge which spans 1.7 miles and links Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas. Its the longest floating bridge in the world located in a saltwater tidal basin, and the third longest floating bridge overall. The original bridge sank in 1979 during windstorms, but fortunately today's forecast calls for only slight winds of 10 MPH. We are expecting another morning of foggy, cold weather, but things should warm up later this afternoon as we near Bremerton.  Weather can be a rider's best (or worst) friend. 

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