Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 8: Pacific City to Newport, OR

I know this is starting to sound monotonous, but it was another beautiful day of riding along the Oregon coastline. Sunny skies, breathtaking oceans views, a good tail wind...honestly, the only thing additional I could possibly ask for is a traveling barista to freshly grind and brew me a cup of coffee in the morning. Fortunately, Pat, a sister of one of my fellow riders kindly posted a comment to my blog with a list of coffee places here in Newport, OR as well as other cities we will be passing through on our journey south. Thank you, Pat!!!         

An early morning shot of the coast as we rode out of Pacific City, OR.

My riding buddy and "motivational coach," Terese, after a lunch stop at the Otis Cafe.  Honestly, if it weren't for her counting down the miles and cheering me on, I probably would have ordered the homemade marionberry pie à la mode and called it a day. Thanks, Terese! 
A shot of Devil's Lake during a detour around Lincoln City, OR 
More beautiful scenery of the Oregon coast

After a pretty steep climb we were greeted by this breathtaking view of Cape Foulweather. 

Same shot, different angle

After a excellent day of riding and another wonderful meal by Chef Patty, a beautiful sunset closed out day Day 8 of my bicycle adventure.

Tomorrow is a rest day here in the beachside town of Newport, OR. I won't get to sleep in too late because I have an interview Bruce Talawyma on Hopi Radio, KUYI at 8:30 a.m. The interview will be streamed live, online.

The support I've received from the Hopi community has been amazing and I appreciate the opportunity to share information about my ride with the folks at home. I feel very fortunate to be able to do this ride and to use it to raise money for the Hopi Cancer Assistance Fund. I'm deeply grateful for the number of people, both Hopi and non-Hopi, who have visited my blog and offered words of encouragement and support.  Askwali!

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