Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 7: Cannon Beach to Pacific City, OR

Its hard to believe that we've been on the road for nearly a week, but we have.  The days are starting to blend one into the other with me constantly asking "where are we headed to today" (or "where did we stay last night").  I would guess that half of the riders are veterans of other cross-country bike tours, and it shows in how well organized they are in getting themselves ready each morning.  I'm still struggling to get myself out of bed and my gear packed and in the trailer by 7:15 am.  I miss my leisurely cup of coffee in the morning and I am constantly on the lookout for a drive-thru espresso cafe. I've thought about switching out one of my water bottles for a thermos of coffee, but I don't think the guides would approve.
I agree!
I can't quite remember where this was taken,
but it was probably when I stopped to grab a drink
from my water bottle or to catch my breath.

A breathtaking view of the Oregon coastline about
8 miles south of Cannon Beach. 

Breakfast outside McBee Cottages in Cannon Beach, OR
where part of our group stayed the night. 

Sag wagon with 2 bikes loaded on the roof rack (one was mine).

Another photo of the Oregon coastline. 

Our Sag wagon, Lil' Bo Peep. 

Tomorrow's ride will take us from Pacific City to Newport, OR where we have our next layover.  Time to do laundry, sleep in, and maybe watch a little mindless T.V.   

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  1. Hi-am reading and enjoying your blog! My sister Peg is riding in your group. I am relating to the coffee angst and have put together a list of coffee places for you. In Newport, you will have no problem. Next stop is Florence-go down into Old Town Florence and go towards the bridge (like you are going under the bridge)-there is a coffee place just before the bridge, on the river side. In Coos Bay (you will be riding through there), there is a Starbucks at 230 E Johnson (left off Hwy 101 on Johnson); next stop Bandon. Once in Bandon, be on Hwy 101, ride down the hill, up the other hill (short!) to the traffic light. On your left is a Human Bean drive through. That will get you to Bandon and I will be in Bandon to meet up with Peg on Saturday. I will give her a list to give to you that will get you through the rest of OR and part of N. California!! Keep riding!


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